About Us

Why would anybody give up a promising corporate career, and all the comforts it entails, to embark on the hard and rocky road of entrepreneurship? Well, sometimes one just has to do what one has to do! Frequent travel, daily yoga and an exceptional eye for spotting timely needs were the inspiration behind Pavithra Yogesh’s first attempt at going it alone: two utilitarian products (yoga mat bags and sanitary napkin pouches) under the brand name ‘Yoge’. Sold online, the products’ value for money and exceptional quality saw them zoom up Amazon’s featured best-sellers’ list.

But the drive to expand continued. Pavithra founded Studio Y (a concept store). Initially, Studio Y housed a clothing brand along with Yoge’s sanitary napkin pouches and yoga mat bags. But Pavithra was always aware of the bigger picture. She believed in backing curated products for the store and building an able team to run the business. Out of necessity, Studio Y launched its own clothing labels 'Label Y' for women and 'Baby Y' for kids, brands solely created for everyday clothing in breathable fabrics — the ability to understand customer needs and market changes still keeps this business alive and relevant.

An environment that allows employees to explore and experiment is a worthy experience in itself, and this atmosphere led to the creation of three other clothing labels, namely 'Label Y Looms' 'Label Y Exclusive' and 'Loom Light' (founded and owned by Sneha and Sharanya).

Today the Studio Y management team consists of Pavithra, Sneha, and Sharanya, who are passionate about designing and making beautiful pieces of clothing.

Label Y Looms designed by Sneha is all about simple silhouettes in natural fabrics. The idea is to use pure looms and make clothing that is relevant for women today.

Label Y Exclusive designed by Sharanya stands out for its Indo-Western silhouettes in pure silks, georgettes, chiffons and brocades.

We are now a team of 5 in management and over 25 at the production factory.

Studio Y has now diversified from concept retail to couture, tailoring and bulk production for varied clients. The continuing challenge of increasing production requirements and lack of quality in outsourcing led us to creating a design and production space of our own. Our vision is to provide a fashion co-working production space for all small and medium size fashion houses.

In sum, Studio Y clothing is an expression of multiple designers and houses an eclectic range of outfits in different textures, colours, patterns and prints, catering to all tastes and pricing. Studio Y has most definitely evolved into a lifestyle store.

All this is possible only with the support of family, friends, our loyal customers, an efficient team and, most vitally, a vision that is as pizzaz as it is pragmatic.