Plants at our store and how we care for them

Indoor plants can completely change the look and feel of interior space. We want to share with you the plant collection at our Bangalore store, and show how easy and simple it is to take care of them.
For all our plants, we use one part red garden soil, one part coco peat and a handful of organic compost. We recommend that you fertilise your plants every couple of months. Follow the instructions on the fertiliser bag to ensure that you use the right quantity. 
All our plants require medium or low light and can be kept indoors! Once a week we take our plants outside, water them and leave them in medium sunlight outside the store for about 2-3 hours. 
We water our plants once every 5-7 days. Overwatering can kill your plants. Check the soil regularly and water the plant if the soil surface is dry. 
They dislike too much water, it could kill them. 
The baby rubber plant is not a fan of cold weather

Dracaena plants can grow up to 10 feet tall, so plant them in big pots. 
Dumb Cane leaves are poisonous when consumed, be careful if you have pets at home

Spider plants are great indoor air cleaners
Xanadu is also poisonous when ingested, keep them on shelves away from the reach of your pets. 

Zamia is an ideal first plant if you are a beginner in gardening.  ZZ plant tolerates neglect.
We picked up most of these plants from  The Yellow Pumpkin Nursery at HSR Layout, Bangalore. 

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