The Story of our Summer Blankets

The story of our summer blankets is one of nostalgia, creativity, dedication and commitment. 

We all remember where we were when the COVID lockdown was announced. The Studio Y Team was huddled in a nervous circle at our workshop in Bangalore. 

We quickly decided to move sewing machines to our employees' homes in order to create a work from home opportunity. That was the easy part. Then came the question of what they would do from home. Lack of supplies and raw material, a responsibility to retain employees during the most uncertain times and the challenge to generate work gave way to the brimming idea of repurposing fabric scraps and bits. 

Our senior tailor Shah Nawaz, (now pattern master) is originally from Uttar Pradesh. The concept of work from home was not feasible in this situation. Considering his safety, well being and employment, we accommodated his stay at our workshop. 

Shah Nawaz spent several weeks cutting each scrap piece separately and sewed each bit together one by one to make 10 stunning blankets.  

Our beautiful summer blankets invite warmth and embrace sustainable living. The composition of different fabric scraps in the cut and sew rhythm make each blanket a special piece of art. 

Each blanket is a quick fix of two layers and both sides of the blanket look uniquely different. The vibrant colour blocks and varied blends of cotton, linens and silks make our blankets light and soft, brewing the perfect vibe for a memorable summer.

It is true that when one door shuts, the other opens and as opportunists, we have to always see the brighter side.


Written by Sneha, Edited by Pavithra

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